blue drapery fabric

Kanecaron SYS Drapery

Basic Concept

Use a standard polyester warp and (100%) Kanecaron SYS as weft.

What is Kanecaron SYS?

Kanecaron SYS is a very special modified acrylic fibre that is inherently flame retardant.

How Does it Work?

Kanecaron SYS has excellent flame retardant properties (LOI 33), which combine with standard polyester to produce ideal FR drapery fabrics based on standard polyester warps.
For curtains, blinds and drapes that are required to pass international FR standards, with minimal dripping, Kanecaron SYS with standard polyester provides a very cost effective solution. With no need to use FR polyester, Kanecaron SYS allows customers to utilise low cost polyester (as a warp) in situations where flame retardancy is a requirement.

Can Achieve

UK: BS 5867 PT 2 TYPE B.
ITALY: CSE RF1/75/A - UNI 8456, CSE RF3/77 - UNI 9174.
GERMANY: DIN 4102 PT 1 B1.
JAPAN: JFRA - Curtain.
IMO: Resolution A.471 (XII).
USA: NFPA 701: small scale.