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Kanecaron PW Upholstery

Basic Concept

Use standard cellulosic as a warp (eg cotton or viscose) and 100% Kanecaron PW as a weft. A minimum of 40% Kanecaron PW is recommended as a percentage of the total fabric weight.

What is Kanecaron PW?

Kanecaron PW is a very special modacrylic (modified acrylic) fibre that is inherently flame retardant.

How Does it Work?

Kanecaron PW has excellent charring characteristics as well as superior flame retardant properties (LOI 34). These, combined with a cellulosic warp, produce ideal FR upholstery fabrics resulting in a beautiful and cotton-like look.

Can Achieve

UK: BS 5852 PT 1 (cigarette & match - domestic), BS 5852 PT 2 (crib 5 - contract).
EU: BS EN 1021 Parts 1 & 2 (cigarette & match - contract only).
IMO: Res A652(16).

The Importance of Charring

This is of critical importance in upholstery fabrics, where the charred area (formed after burning) creates a barrier that prevents any substrate (such as upholstery foam) from igniting. The cellulosic warps combined with Kanecaron PW (which together exhibit excellent charring characteristics), are an ideal combination. Conversely flame retardant polyester exhibits a melting behaviour.